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Things That Cause Musty Smell In Your Home – Find Out! | Flood Restoration Melbourne

Things That Cause Musty Smell In Your Home – Find Out!

Things That Cause Musty Smell In Your Home – Find Out!

Do you smell musty odour at home? It could be a sign of water damage & early detection of water damage can minimize the harmful effects of excess water & moisture. Signs of water damage include discolouration on ceilings, wet walls, warped flooring, peeling or bubbling walls or stagnant water. However, one of the most difficult-to-spot signs is a strange & musty odour & where it comes from. If you don’t see any obvious signs but are left with a weird smell, chances are, there is moisture somewhere inside your home. Let’s see how we can spot & beware of the damage.

Things That Cause Musty Smell In Your Home – Find Out!

Musty Odour or Mould Smell

A musty odour is not something pleasant & if your home has that certain smell, you must check your washrooms, kitchen sinks, pipelines and laundry area. These are the areas where excess water & moisture stay for long & cause unpleasant odours. If the smell is persistent, it means that you need a water damage restoration melbourne company to help you out.  When left untreated, it can be a perfect breeding ground for mould & bacteria & the odour will not leave any sooner.

Leaking Water Heater

Your water heater could be a possible culprit for the musty smell inside your home. So, make sure to check the issues with your water heater & look for any moisture buildup around the fixture. If you find anything, clean that excess water immediately before it leads to serious damage to your home.

Pipeline Leaks

Pipeline leaks are no joke; they’re a serious threat to your household. So, consider replacing your pipeline with a new one. If you’re unaware of the leaks, make sure you’re equipped to resolve your problem. If the leaks are hidden or don’t dry fastly, it will encourage mould and mildew growth. When the damage is severe, you can get help from flood damage restoration melbourne services to help you out.

Over To You

If you find a musty smell in your home or need help in cleaning up water damage in your home, call the experts at Flood Restoration Melbourne. For more details, call 04 3012 4748 today.


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