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Carpet Water Extraction Kensington, Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Carpet Water Extraction Kensington

Carpet Water Extraction & Drying Service Kensington

In the face of water damage emergencies, quick and efficient action helps minimising damage. At Flood Restoration Melbourne, we understand the urgency of water damage situations, and our experienced team is dedicated to getting your carpets back to their optimal condition in the shortest possible time.

Carpet Water Extraction Kensington

Carpet water damage can occur unexpectedly, whether due to a burst pipe, flooding, or plumbing issues. When disaster strikes, our carpet water extraction provides prompt and professional assistance. Our certified team employs powerful extraction equipment to remove water from your carpets swiftly and efficiently. We restore your carpets to their pre-damage state, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

Carpet Drying Kensington

After water extraction, the thorough drying of your carpets is imperative to prevent additional damage and the development of mold and mildew. Our carpet drying services are equipped with cutting-edge technology to expedite this crucial phase.

We utilise high-capacity dehumidifiers and industrial-grade drying equipment to ensure your carpets are completely moisture-free. Our team monitors the drying process meticulously, leaving no room for moisture to hide. We go the extra mile to guarantee that your carpets are not only dry but also free from any potential health hazards.

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Kensington

At Flood Restoration Melbourne, we believe that carpet restoration goes beyond just removing water and drying. It’s about ensuring your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original condition.

Our cleaning & restoration services include professional carpet cleaning and sanitisation. We use eco-friendly products and industry-approved techniques to eliminate contaminants and odors left behind by water damage. We turn your carpets to their pristine state, providing you with a safe and comfortable living space.

If you have faced water damage in Kensington, contact Flood Restoration Melbourne for quick and efficient carpet water extraction, drying, cleaning, and restoration services. For emergencies, call us on 0430124748 today.


Sukhwinder Singh

Excellent service they provided our insurance sent them and Flood team done great job and left our carpet dry and very clean. Thanks

Simon Warrick

Great service & very quick service.
Staff was friendly.


Excellent service and communication – carpets from a rental came up like new – can highly recommend. Thanks Sandy!

Bhishan Shrestha

Quick & reliable service. They helped us dry our water damaged carpets & floors. Friendly professionals. Would definitely recommend them.

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